"I wanted to let you know that for the whole month of March, [our daughter] only got 4 reds (compared to the 12/month she was getting). Also, just had parent teacher interviews and the teacher was in shock at the progress she's made in all aspects at school. Said it was next to impossible that this could have simply been maturing over the x-mas holidays... so you can't really get more concrete than that!! [My husband} and I were thrilled!! We'll of course be keeping an eye on things and will be in touch for follow ups as needed." 

- A.A.

Natural, safe and drug-free!

"I was in my last year of high school and was having head pain, I was worried all the time and I wasn’t sleeping well. I started neurofeedback and after 3 (sessions) I was sleeping at night. The headaches and feelings of worry took longer.  I gradually felt a bit better every week.  In less than 20 sessions, I was back to feeling like myself again. I still have occasional (sessions), just to stay on track and keep me where I need to be … to be ME."
- A.M.

"My daughter began having anxious feelings and was not sleeping well in her last two years of high school.  We discovered neurofeedback at a time when we had nowhere else to turn.  And it turned her life around. In less than a week, she began sleeping through the night. From the 2nd session on, she even slept thought the sessions and awoke refreshed, as though she had had a full night’s sleep.  The anxious feelings took longer to overcome. Over the course of the next couple of months, we saw our daughter become herself again.  We are so very grateful to have discovered neurofeedback."

- N.L.

"He really is way more attentive since our sessions, and he has a fantastic memory. For example, his dictée words are some really difficult words a lot of which have double letters (I always struggle with those) like “nourriture”, or silent letters like “mon corps” and he NEVER gets any mistakes after reading them one time. It’s hard to believe that at one time his kindergarten teacher had me concerned. I feel like the neurofeedback helped get him on the right track for focus and overall performance. I really hope that others training their kids have the same experience. So, thank YOU!"

- T.D.

"We experienced this as a gentle yet profound transformation. The emotional tone of our family has changed for the better: since the parents are able to be more relaxed (yet on top of things more of the time), the children intuitively respond in a positive way. In turn, because the children are more compliant (and joyful), it reinforces the parents’ confidence in their role and the hope that “things are going to be OK”. A kind of ‘virtuous circle’. Husband and wife are able to rediscover themselves and each other. Stressful situations do happen, but we get out of the frustration zone much quicker. A child with social and attention issues is now able to peacefully focus on homework and deal better with the stresses of daily life. While I used to excessively worry about a number of things, parasite thoughts have now disappeared. As I see it, neurofeedback with NeurOptimal opened the gates of personal transformation, releasing the positive energy that had accumulated over years of trying to bring about change in my life.”

-  V.R.

"Today has been another amazing day for (my son).  He focused at school and also spent a great deal of time carefully painting in a picture which I have rarely, if ever, seen him do."

-  S.D.

Our Client Stories

Watch the video "Family Matters" and hear what Caitlin Cochrane has to say about the benefits of using Neurofeedback for children that are struggling.